Sunday, March 19, 2006

a single mum looking for a bit o fun along the way to more of a commitment than just a casual relationship, going with the flow and all that. I enjoy going out or staying at home and going to the movies, shopping, watching dvd's listening to music and love to try new things. I am a open, decent and honest person and the lights are very bright.

i am an honset person ,caring. i'm shy at first until u get to know me. i like to have fun. i like to spend my time with my daughter and having bbqs with friends.i love showing my dogs and meet fun people

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I would like to meet a down to earth guy who likes to have some fun. Someone who can look after themselves and has aims in life. I would love to go travelling in the next year or two and would love to find a travel partner even. Um... bit bout myself, i love owning nice things and love to get out and about. I love the beach and Big Cock plus going to see bands. I go to the gym when i can and have a dog which i adore and love taking her to the beach too when i can. I play guitar and work with computers so.. if you are after a girl who isnt an air head, isnt afraid of doing a little bit of hard work has a great sense of humor and wants to travel.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Agency Girl
Working away from home is a real pain in the ass sometimes but usually I could get by when I could find a hot bird to spend a little time with. Unfortunately this trip I was stuck next to a slim Jane pretzel who was as cold as they come and it was all a little too much for me. She was so attractive yet, she was so distant and her cold personality reminded me of a fish. My flight was delayed several hours so really she topped it all off and by the time I made it to my destination I was as horny as hell and just wanted someone to be with. Before I reached my hotel I had placed a call to a friend finding out which was the best agency in town to call so once I was there I didn’t want to have to do anything, I wanted to be loved good , but I certainly didn’t want a sex goddess from Iceland or something…